9 tips to help you stay well while working from home



Over the last few months, we have had to adjust work schedules and practices. In the past, depending on the industry and type of role being performed, working from home may have been frowned upon but we must now find ways to work and be productive at home.

Working from home can take a toll on mental and physical health.

Here are a few tips to help you stay well and productive while working from the comfort of your home.

1. Prepare yourself for an office day at home

Although you may not be commuting to work. Try to stick to a daily morning routine. Shower, do your hair, put on make-up, sip a cup of coffee or walk your dog

Create a list of top priorities for the day and focus on them.

2. Recreate an office space at home

It can be tricky creating space but devoting a little corner can help reduce distractions. Even if you live in a tiny studio, set up a desk and chair and separate the professional from the personal. Creating a workspace and maintaining that space will help you increase concentration and output.

3. Make sure you are comfortable

You may be sitting down most of the time working and extended periods of sitting can cause later health issues. It is important to get a chair that will reduce possible damage to your back. An adjustable chair or a standing desk may help you avoid discomfort.

4. Create a calm environment

Working from the comfort of your home does not always ensure a good atmosphere to work.  A loud and unorganized workspace could hinder your productivity. You can make little changes to your work environment. You can add scented candles for a good aroma, set your desk close to the window or near some art or motivation words.

5. Stay active even while working

To stay alert and active, take short breaks every hour. Close your computer and take your usual lunch break. You can even take a walk for a long break and fresh air. Choose a convenient hour or time to devote to exercise and physical activities after work.

6. Create a routine and stick to it

Creating a schedule will help you meet deadlines. Sticking to a routine will enable you to create a healthy work-life balance. 

7. Balance work and personal life

It is important to not overwork yourself. Now that you have set up a routine for your work hours and are aiming to stick to it, ensure you are doing something relaxing out of hours. Track your hours and keep yourself accountable.

8.Stock your kitchen with good food

Stock up your kitchen and treat yourself to healthy meals/snacks for energy and nutrition. You can stock up on herbal teas which have different benefits for the body and mind.  

9. Stay connected with friends and family

We are social creatures. We need friendships and social connections. Maintaining healthy relationships is important for wellbeing. You can stay connected by communicating with your colleagues during your breaks and meeting loved ones virtually and safely in person.



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