LÁAYO is a lifestyle brand that focuses on creating timeless, ethically sourced clothing and homeware. LÁAYO is passionate about empowering women and the wider to feel beautiful, prioritize themselves, their spaces, and wellbeing.


LÁAYO originates from Titilayo, which translates to [everlasting joy]



Established in 2019 and founded by budding designer Victoria Bola-Okerinde. We want to create a brand that provides sustainable, functional, and unique designs to encourage joyful living.

We aim for LÁAYO to bring a positive impact to the world and eventually give back. This is where sustainability has become a prime focus for us, and it has taken us on a journey of understanding how our choices of fabrics, packaging, and processes can make us more sustainable.

We want LÁAYO to not only create high-quality, timeless clothing, and homeware, but to also champion and donate to projects that help to support human and animal rights.


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