How to care for Bamboo Silk 

Hand Wash
Hand washing your silk is the best practice. Silk is a naturally delicate fabric and should be worn and washed with extra love and care. We recommend filling your sink or tub with lukewarm water and a small amount of delicate silk wash. Use your hands to gently clean the garments and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Avoid twisting or wringing the fabric and be sure not to use hot water as this treatment can harm the delicate fibers causing pulls.

Machine Wash with Care
While we recommend only hand washing, if you trust your machine's delicate wash setting, this is a good option if you don't have time to hand wash. Water should be tepid or cold. We recommend washing at no higher than 30 degrees as anything hotter can make the fabric harden, become brittle, and can tear more easily.
Air Dry Your Silks 
Silk should be hung to air dry. Be sure you use soft hangers or padded hangers. Keep your silks away from direct heat or sunlight. Once dry, silk should be ironed using low heat or steamed to restore the sheen and softness of the fabric. 


How to care for linen 


Wash with care 
Our linens can be hand, or machine washed in a delicate cycle. Be sure to use mild detergents. We recommend using tepid or cold water for best results. Coldwater will also help to avoid color fading.
Iron while slightly damp  
If ironing linen, it is best when the garment is damp. We recommend pressing straight out of the wash while it's still damp, or if the piece is already dry, dampen it using a spray bottle filled with water. 




Can I iron bamboo silk garments?
You can iron your bamboo silk garments in a low heat setting. Dampen using a spray bottle to lightly spray the garments inside out.
Cover your bamboo silk with a press cloth while ironing. Press the garment lightly, allowing the garment to cool.
How do I store bamboo silk garments?
Storing your garments when not in use is essential.
You can store your garments in breathable cotton bags so they retain moisture) and perhaps use extra tissue paper wrapping - to ensure your silk is kept dry
Can you iron linen? 
You can iron your linen or use quality handheld steam. Slightly dampen using a spray bottle to lightly spray the garments.

How can I prevent wrinkles in my linen?
Avoid using a dying machine. After your linen garments are taken out of the washing machine. Dry through, Lay the clothes flat and remove any wrinkles that appear. You can hang your linen garments to avoid further wrinkling.