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Social Media Intern- Position Closed 

Part time/ Homebased

We are a new and growing team! We are looking for a committed Social Media Intern who may have the following skillset:

  • Experience of managing social media pages and creating strategy content.
  • Experience creating social media content
  • Excellent written English language skills as well as the attention to detail.
  • Imagination and creativity.
  • An Understanding of 'what works' on social media and how to use social media as an effective sales tool. Managing customer's social media profiles for example Facebook, Twitter, Tick tok, Pinterest and Instagram.

Managing these accounts will include posting on their social media profiles and engagement on each of these platforms.  

Coming up with a strategy plan and ideas is key for this role.

This is a long-term position so please ensure you are able to commit.


Weekly hours

4 hours per week



The pay is dependant on your weekly hours.



Start date

Start date period August 2020


Application deadline 

Position Closed for interviews 


To apply please send an email/cover letter to