The five-ingredient gourmet (F. I. G) campaign aims to encourage healthy eating by providing affordable and creative recipes to help you plan more, waste less, and stay well.

Food insecurity has increased in the UK. As a brand, we want to make an impact in our little way.


What is food insecurity? 

Food insecurity can be described as the inability to secure food, quality/quantity to enable good health, cutting down on food provision because of finances, or even experiencing hunger.

F. I. G Campaign & Food insecurity 

The F. I. G campaign shares affordable and creative recipes. In this current climate, wellbeing and affordability are two important things. Over the last few months, many families have had to cut back on food or even ration their food. Many have also gotten creative in the kitchen. F. I .G infuses dietary necessities, affordability, skillful planning, and nutrition that will help to support wellbeing.  

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    The pandemic has offered many the opportunity to cook at home and enjoy meals together, providing nutritional and wellbeing benefits. Why not incorporate one of our recipes in your weekly menu or get creative?


    How can you get involved? 

    The F.I.G campaign shares affordable, healthy, and creative recipes that you can incorporate into your weekly menu.

    You can get involved by:

    • Trying out and sharing the F.I.G recipes & interviews.
    • Share your favourite five-ingredient recipe or any tips that can help you plan more, waste less, and stay well. Tag us on instagram
    • Supporting your local community by engaging with local efforts to tackle food poverty and donating to food banks.


    This is only a drop in the ocean! Below are some extra links for support and to help you support this cause:

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